Original acrylic on canvas paintings available for purchase. Contact artist for details.

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Family girl heading North update.jpg

Family Daughter Migrating North
Acrylic on Canvas 18''x18''x1.5''

Woman from Lagos.jpg

Woman from Lagos
Acrylic on Canvas 24"x36"x1.5"

Maeve_Aug 2022 wix.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas 24"x20"x1.5"

Gina and Cat update.jpg
Sunday Church Walk_homage Gordon Parks small.jpg

Sunday Church Walk Detroit
Homage to Gordon Parks, Photographer

Acrylic on Canvas 24''x24''x1.5''

Dgaja_Bangladesh garmet worker.jpg

Garmet Worker
Dhaka Bangladesh

Acrylic on Canvas 18''x18''x1.5''

Sylvie updated Aug 2022.jpg

Acrylic on Canvas 24"x24"x1.5"

An Unfinished Woman July 2022.jpg

An Unfinished Woman
Acrylic on Canvas 20"x20"x1.5"

Gina and Cat
Acrylic on Canvas 24"x30"x1.5"

Fiona. Millennial Rising..jpg

Fiona Millennial Rising SOLD
Acrylic/Canvas 24''x20''x1.50''

Madame Cassatt Rouge sur Rouge SOLD
Acrylic/Canvas 24'' 24'' x 1.50''

Valentina and Romeo Aug 2021 sm web.jpg

Valentina and Romeo at the Lutz Cafe SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas 36'' x 36'' x 1.50''

Birdie new Sept 2021.jpg

Birdie    SOLD
Acrylic/Canvas 24'' x 24'' x 1.50''

Crystal Backstage at the Orpheum SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas 24'' x 20'' x 1.5''

Alana   SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas 24'' x 20'' x 1.50''