Welcome. I call the Pacific Northwest home, living in the small city of Longview WA nestled between the I-5 corridor and the coast. Although most would think I would be drawn to the beauty and environment of the region through landscapes and seascapes, it is the human character that has always called to me. My work has been exhibited in numerous juried Northwest shows and festivals.

I began painting in 2009, trying to capture and develop skills while at the same time trying to find my direction, my passion. I tried a variety of subjects, but I was always drawn to people, especially women. It wasn't until 2017, that I found the avenue I wanted to walk down; part illustrator, part impressionist and part abstractionist. Subtlety and simplicity work into my style. Every detail is not necessary to convey an emotion.


I pull my inspiration from black and white photographs from as early as the 1930s, mostly European. My subjects are primarily women cast in the work-a-day ritual of living life. I seek a certain pose, a glance, an attitude, a silent emotion that speaks to me. I work with black and white references because I do not want to be bound to the photo’s realism both in structure and color.


Claudette Moe, FINE ARTIST, Longview, Washington USA